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Let's Learn about Creation in Preschool

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

A Creation lesson that includes concepts of print, counting, fine motor skills, and art

Check out a preschool Creation lesson from our curriculum!


1.1 PK.A Practice appropriate book handling skills.

2.1 PK.A.1 Know number names and the count sequence.

9.1.V PK.A Know and use basic elements of visual arts. (Color)

10.5 PK.A Use hands, fingers, and wrists to manipulate objects. (Scissors & Glue)

1.2 PK.G With prompting and support, answer questions to connect illustrations to the written word.

Illustrated posters with poems will be used to tell the story of Creation. Students will sing the poems to a familiar tune (This Old Man) and talk about the numbers and illustrations on each poster. This is a great integration between content and music!

Students will then receive a copy of the Creation story so that they can finger track with paint while the story is re-read to them. Not only does this allow them to hear the story for a second time which increases comprehension, but it also gives them an opportunity to practice concepts of print. Understanding that text is read from left to right is a crucial skill for young learners. Also, students will practice their art skills by matching their paint colors of the rainbow colors to the text.

Next, students will complete a cut and sort activity. They will cut out the pictures of the creation story and then paste them onto the numbered and labelled page. Students can sort them several times before they paste them. This helps students pair illustrations to text while practicing the fine motor skills required to cut and paste!

If students finish early, they can practice tracing Genesis 1:1 on laminated paper. This is a great opportunity for young writers to practice forming words!


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