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Pre-kindergarten students who are intending on entering kindergarten the following fall are eligible to register. MCA is committed to guiding children to the highest academic standards for success in kindergarten and beyond!


Preschool classes will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

9-11:30 AM and 12-2:30 PM sessions will be available based on interest.



Tuition is $250/month. If you are interested in financial aid, please contact

​What will my child be learning?

MCA's preschool program focuses on 10 learning outcomes. Students will be constructively guided through a set of developmentally appropriate learning standards in an engaging and exploratory way. 



English Language Arts




Social Studies

Creative Thinking (Art & Music)

Health & Physical Education

Preschool Program Student Learning Outcomes:

Any student who graduates from our preschool program should be proficient in the following learning outcomes:

  1. Christian Worldview- Students will develop an understanding of Christ-like behavior, the Bible, prayer, and worship.

  2. Critical Thinking- Students will develop questions and will engage in discussions, active learning, and exploration to find answers. 

  3. Communication- Students will share their ideas through speech, music, movement, and art. 

  4. Professional and Life Skills- Students will demonstrate proper behaviors and complete basic tasks in community and educational locations.

  5. Interpersonal Skills- Students will demonstrate positive social interactions such as greeting others, sharing with peers, participating in verbal activities, responding appropriately to questions and conversation, and using proper etiquette. 

  6. Information Literacy- Students will use local information such as pictures, adult instructions, and announcements to effectively accomplish a goal. 

  7. Quantitative Reasoning- Students will represent, compare, and discuss numbers, operations, geometric shapes, and measurements. 

  8. Technological Competence- Students will identify and use technology that is found in the classroom and the home. 

  9. Cultural and Social Awareness- Students will understand the basic functions and qualities of citizenship, money, geography, and history.

  10. Scientific Literacy- Students will understand the foundations of biology, physics, earth science, space science, environmental science, and ecology.

Grading Scale:

Our grading scale focuses on skill acquisition rather than letter grades!

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