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We believe that students learn a great deal from participating in sports. As a new school, we have several options for students who would like to participate in sports. 

Option #1: Private & PIAA Sports

For students in 7th and 8th grade, MCA is able to form teams within PIAA which is the competitive high school division in the state and also within private school conferences. In order to register a team, we need enough interest in a particular sport. Students will be given the opportunity to voice their interest in participating in competitive sports and we will form teams for the sports that generate sustainable interest. 

Option #2: Clubs and Intramurals

MCA will offer clubs and intramural sports for all ages.


Clubs are sports that meet seasonally after school within MCA. Students who participate in clubs will have the opportunity to participate with students at MCA. This is a great opportunity for students to get some experience playing a variety of sports.


In January and February 2024, prekindergarten students participated in an after school basketball club. 

Intramurals are also sports that will be offered seasonally within MCA. Intramurals are offered to older students during and after school. Intramurals involve forming teams within the school that play against one another in a friendly competition. 

Option #3: Community Sports

Students of all ages are welcome to participate in community leagues and club sports! For students who live in the Mountain Top area, we compiled a list of some of these sports which you can view below:

Local Sports Flyer (1).jpg

Click here to download this list as a PDF.

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