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Tuition & Financial Aid

It is our desire to provide an abundance of scholarships for students who enroll early in our programs. If cost is a concern for your family, please do not let finances impact your decision to send your child to MCA. Donors have generously provided scholarships for students! Please complete a registration form along with a financial aid application to receive a financial aid statement. Do not hesitate to reach out to if cost is a concern for your family. 
Preschool & Prekindergarten Tuition (without financial aid/scholarships): $250/month
Early Elementary & Middle School Tuition (without financial aid/scholarships):

In addition to financial aid, we are offering a few special scholarships for our first year of early elementary and middle school programs. Read below for more information.
Financial Aid Programs (2).png

Mountaintop Christian Academy is pleased to offer several forms of Financial Aid to make a private Christian education accessible to students.

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