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Three-Year-Old Preschool Program

Toddler with Wooden Toys


Students who will be three by September of the academic school year are eligible to apply for our three-year-old program! This program was developed in response to parental input requesting a program for their youngest learners!


Preschool classes will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

9-11:30 AM and 12-2:30 PM sessions will be available based on interest.



Tuition is $250/month. If you are interested in financial aid, please contact

​What will my child be learning?

MCA's preschool program focuses on 10 learning outcomes. Students will be constructively guided through a set of developmentally appropriate learning standards in an engaging and exploratory way. 



English Language Arts




Social Studies

Creative Thinking (Art & Music)

Health & Physical Education

Preschool Program Student Learning Outcomes:

Any student who graduates from our preschool program should be proficient in the following learning outcomes:

  1. Christian Worldview- Students will develop an understanding of Christ-like behavior, the Bible, prayer, and worship.

  2. Critical Thinking- Students will develop questions and will engage in discussions, active learning, and exploration to find answers. 

  3. Communication- Students will share their ideas through speech, music, movement, and art. 

  4. Professional and Life Skills- Students will demonstrate proper behaviors and complete basic tasks in community and educational locations.

  5. Interpersonal Skills- Students will demonstrate positive social interactions such as greeting others, sharing with peers, participating in verbal activities, responding appropriately to questions and conversation, and using proper etiquette. 

  6. Information Literacy- Students will use local information such as pictures, adult instructions, and announcements to effectively accomplish a goal. 

  7. Quantitative Reasoning- Students will represent, compare, and discuss numbers, operations, geometric shapes, and measurements. 

  8. Technological Competence- Students will identify and use technology that is found in the classroom and the home. 

  9. Cultural and Social Awareness- Students will understand the basic functions and qualities of citizenship, money, geography, and history.

  10. Scientific Literacy- Students will understand the foundations of biology, physics, earth science, space science, environmental science, and ecology.

Grading Scale:

Our grading scale focuses on skill acquisition rather than letter grades!

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