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Memorial Day Freebie for Preschoolers! Shapes Flags & Rhyming Poem

Memorial Day Printable
Download PDF • 265KB

Click above to download our free Memorial Day printable keepsake for little learners! These activities are designed to creatively engage preschoolers in educational activities and mirror the type of learning that will occur at our preschool! Some targeted skills in this activity include fine motor skills (cutting, coloring, etc.), counting, matching, rhyming, and reading. Feel free to share your kiddo's work with us via email or Facebook!


  • Shapes Match:

    • Print out the flag flashcards. The flag flashcards have a shape and a number on them. You can cut them out or just point to the flag that you are using.

    • Cut out the two large flags and the colorful shapes.

    • Students will choose one flashcard and will place the correct shape and amount on the large flag template.

  • Red, White, and Blue Rhyme:

    • Print out the rhyme sheet and read together.

    • Students will trace the words. They can also recite the poem!

    • Students will color the stars the correct colors.

Thank you, veterans, for your service! We thank God for you!


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