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Mother's Day Freebie for Preschoolers! Counting Poem & Mini Book

Free Mother's Day Printable (1)
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Click above to download our free Mother's Day printable keepsake for little learners! These activities are designed to creatively engage preschoolers in educational activities and mirror the type of learning that will occur at our preschool! Some targeted skills in this activity include fine motor skills (cutting, coloring, etc.), matching, rhyming, and reading. Feel free to share your kiddo's work with us via email or Facebook! Feel free to share your kiddo's work with us via email or Facebook!


  • Counting Leaves:

    • Print out the plant tracing and coloring pages. There is one set for mom and another for grandma!

    • Students will color the plants, count the leaves, trace the words, and trace the numbers.

    • An adult can read the rhyme with the student and practice saying it aloud! These are wonderful homemade gifts for mom and grandma on Mother's Day!

  • Homemade Mini Book:

    • Print both pages double-sided and then cut the page horizontally. Arrange the two halves one on top of the other with the title page facing out. Then fold and staple.

    • Read and draw. We recommend reading the book together and chatting about what the student can draw that fits the caption. Then, read it again after all of the pictures are drawn!

    • These also serve as wonderful keepsake books to give to mom or grandma!

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